houseBuy with confidence by knowing the facts!

What you should expect from your home inspection:

  • A knowledgeable, professional inspector who is certified, licensed and insured
  • Convenient scheduling of your inspection to meet your needs, including evenings and weekends
  • A complete and comprehensive whole house/building inspection and written report
  • Timely delivery of the inspection report (in most cases, same day!)
  • Hands-on client involvement with an explanation of how each system/component works
  • Cost analysis and description for any repairs or component replacements needed
  • Competitively priced services
  • An inspection firm that does not promote any other business related to the real estate, construction, remodeling or home improvement industry, to prevent any conflict of interest

What the inspection covers:

  • Structural Systems— Foundation, building support systems
  • Exterior— Roof, ventilation, siding materials, windows, doors, caulking, gutters/downspouts, decks
  • Site/Grounds— Sidewalks, driveway, garage, patios, drainage/grading, fences, retaining walls
  • Electrical— Service supply, distribution, main/sub panels, outlets, switches, GFCI testing, grounding
  • Central Heating & Cooling System— Type, components, size, fuels, condition, functionality, approximate age, distribution, ventilation
  • Plumbing— Water supply, distribution piping, water heaters, fuel supply, drain/waste/vent piping, sinks, fixtures, water flow/pressure
  • Interior— Walls, ceilings, floors, attic, windows, stairways, hand railings, smoke detectors, fireplaces, kitchen and appliances, insulation
  • Basement— Foundation walls, cracks, crawl spaces, window wells, water penetration detection, sump pumps, flood control systems, floor joists, posts
  • Gas Leak Detection— Furnace, water heater, visible and accessible supply piping, range/oven, fireplace, barbeque

ashiStandards & practices:

All inspection procedures performed by JB Inspection Services, Inc., follow the guidelines of the State of Illinois and ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors®.

Inspection process:

We will meet you at the prospective property you are purchasing and perform a whole house/building comprehensive inspection, compiling information on over 250 items for evaluation and comment. A detailed component/element evaluation and cost analysis report will be prepared during the inspection and in most cases is conveniently available to you on the spot.

Customer participation:

We invite you and even encourage you to accompany the inspector. The information and education you receive on the inner-workings of the home, including repair tips and maintenance, is invaluable. You will know the true condition of the property before your purchase is finalized.

References and sample report copies are available upon request.